We are Experts in Experiential learning and  Simulation-Based Pedagogy and Research

We can help Higher Education organizations to develop in-house competencies so that your staff and academics can learn about and deliver experiential learning and simulation-based pedagogy at programme or module levels (UG and PG)

What Services We Offer

Awareness sessions

These sessions are aimed at developing awareness among staff and academics about the benefits of using business simulation pedagogy at the programme and module levels. These benefits can be, among others, increased student satisfaction and engagement with the courses, augmented psychological empowerment and a “can-do” attitude, or better employability prospects after graduation.

Train the Trainer

These sessions are aimed at learning about how to identify the simulations available on the market that better suit the needs of UG and PG programmes and Modules in your organization, while also supporting the planning, budgeting and implementation, and dissemination of the simulation-based pedagogic practices across the organization.

Collaborate in research

We are happy to introduce you to the research projects we are conducting in the field of simulation-based pedagogy and experiential learning, and also have staff across your organization involved.

What students are saying about Computer-based Simulations

“We could get insight into how actually works in a real environment because just learning the theory is not enough…”

Student at Abertay University, Scotland, UK (Business and Management BA Hons)

“The simulation helped to improve decision-making, organization skills, work as a team, plug all the ideas and try to find a compromise.”

Student at Coventry University, UK (Business and Management BA Hons)

“The simulation allowed me to think about strategy and linking decisions to actions and consequences.”

Student at De Monfort University, UK (Global Master of Business Administration)

“It gave me the chance to think in-depth about the way businesses work and what metrics really matter for a business as a whole beyond theory which is often simplified and not really easy to use in reality.”

Student at Coventry University, UK (MSc International Business Management)

Elevate Your Programmes and Modules

Stay ahead of your competitors and prepare your organization for the future of blended and distance learning

Research-based expertise

Our methodology is informed by our own research. Our researchers have achieved recognition by peers in implementing and delivering simulation-based pedagogy across universities in the UK and overseas

Guaranteed impact

Adopting innovative pedagogic practices is no longer an option. It is here to stay, and will immensely impact the satisfaction and engagement of your students