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Learn Business English, enrich your vocabulary, gain conversational experience and boost your employability!

  • A new cohort starts at the beginning of every month
  • Duration: 4 weeks • Total asynchronous time 30 hours (self-study using the computer simulation) • Total synchronous time with tutor 10 hours
  • 100% online
  • Gain practical experience and understanding by learning within a Business Simulation
  • Language: English, minimum IELTS or equivalent recommended is 5.0
  • Certificate: Micro-credential

Welcome to the Learn Business English course!

This course offers you a unique experience combining a Business English course with live conversational sessions, whilst also providing you space for self-studying and enriching the Business English vocabulary used across different functions in multinational organizations.

About the course

If you are working or plan to start a career in an international context, learning English is a must. English is the natural language of international business, regardless of you are into marketing, sales, finance, human resources, or operations management, among others. Expressing your ideas conveniently in a business conversation is not always easy, as you may find that frequently you miss the correct vocabulary to express what you want.

This course is unique in its approach, in the sense that you will learn business English words frequently used in any multinational business, while role-playing as the CEO of a multinational technology business. As a CEO you will be making weekly decisions in the simulation, in a series of 8 rounds (2 per week), each round equivalent to a trading quarter. Every week, you will attend a live meeting with the Chairman of the company to gain practical conversational experience by discussing the business results and presenting your suggestions and decisions for the next trading quarter.

Therefore, every week you will be enriching your Business English vocabulary and understanding of the keywords used across different functions in a multinational business. Moreover, you will gain practical experience by acquiring and developing conversational skills used in a multinational business context.

The instructor and the computer simulation to be used in the internship are provided by COMPANY GAME, a leader in computer simulations for educational and corporate markets. An in-depth description of the simulation to be used can be viewed here.


What you'll learn
  • The keywords and expressions used to describe different business functions such as research and development, market research, marketing, sales, procurement, operations, recruiting and training staff, and finance.
  • Identify the key terms and vocabulary used by multinational firms in relation to different functional areas of a business
  • Understand business information in English
  • Gain conversational skills in Business English
  • Employ your knowledge in real live role-playing sessions where you will have to make sense of the information and defend your ideas about the actions to be taken forward
  • Gain business acumen and understanding of the critical indicators used in multinational companies

You must have a level of English that is at least equivalent to IELTS 5.0, but ideally above 5.5.

Course plan

4 weeks • Total asynchronous time 30 hours (using the computer simulation) • Total synchronous time with tutors 10 hours

Week 1

Live/synchronous – Monday at 11 am UK time (the first week of each month)

Section 1: Start of the course and intro to the instructors (45 mins)

Section 2: Conducting market research to identify the opportunities for innovation (45 mins)


Section 3: Defining the market and sales strategy - decision round 1

Section 4: Reflecting on the key aspects related to serving the customer with excellence - decision round 2

Week 2

Live/synchronous – Monday at 11 am UK time

Section 5: Meeting with the instructors, Q&A, and exercises (90 mins)

Section 6: Identifying opportunities for improvement in the operations and supply chain - decision round 3


Section 7: Leveraging operational efficiency - decision round 4

Week 3

Live/synchronous – Monday at 11 am UK time

Section 8: Meeting with the instructors, Q&A, and exercises (90 mins)


Section 9: Developing a long term recruitment and retention strategy for human resources - decision round 5

Section 10: Resourcing the firm to being able to grow and expand to new markets - decision round 6

Week 4

Live/synchronous – Monday at 11 am UK time

Section 11: Meeting with the instructors, Q&A, and exercises (90 mins)


Section 12: Identifying new markets to gro the sales as well as the procurement of materials - decision round 7

Section 13: Appraising the alternatives to investing or not in the growth of the business from a financial perspective - decision round 8

Section 14: Final assessment

Live/synchronous – Friday

Section 15: Final feedback (45 mins)

Support 24/7

Don't worry, you will not be left alone in your learning journey. Apart from the live sessions, our helpline to sort out any technical questions is available 24/7 during the access to the online simulation and until completion of the final assessment, so you will get all the help that you need.

Prove you're ready!
  • Highlight the new, relevant skills you’ve gained and supplement existing qualifications with a digital micro-credential.
  • Create a shareable certificate link for your CV and LinkedIn.
  • Impress employers with learning outcomes you can add to your CV.
  • Make your career dreams a reality.