Build a Profitable Company Using Business Analytics by CompanyGame


Leverage your job-related knowledge and enhance your employability if you are in or aspire to a career in business analytics

  • Duration: 4 weeks • Total asynchronous time 25 hours (using the computer simulation) • Total synchronous time with tutor 4 hours
  • 100% Online
  • Level: Beginners
  • Language: English
  • Certificate: Micro-credential
  • The synchronous sessions will have a max of 3 participants

This business analytics course is intended to be a quick and useful guide to analyze and make decisions concerning all the aspects of a business. You will acquire and develop knowledge through live sessions and self-study, whilst having the opportunity to test it by making real business decisions in a simulated environment. Therefore, you will learn analytics by experiencing how the decisions impacts the results of the business, and how you must learn from the actions to provide insights and recommendations to make it grow.

It is organized in asynchronous and synchronous sessions during 4 weeks beginning in the first week of each month:

  • You will have from the start access to an online computer simulation with a login and password. The simulation will place you in charge of a business and making financial decisions. The login and password will remain active for 1 month after the course ends.
  • Each week new theoretical concepts will be introduced to you in a live session with the author, following which the materials will be made available for self-study. The live sessions will be via Zoom.
  • You can explore in-depth the theoretical concepts in the business simulation by making financial decisions and getting immediate results related to your business's performance. Therefore, you will be able to test and see in practical terms how your financial decisions impact the performance of the business.
  • You can decide to wait for each week before exploring the simulation further or, on the other hand, you can explore it and play at your own pace.

This course is delivered and based on a business simulation developed by CompanyGame.

What you'll learn
  • Identify the importance of business analytics to manage a business
  • Understand how decisions impact the different areas of a business
  • Learn to map and understand how to measure business performance to support growth
  • Develop an understanding of the H2R, R2R, S2P, O2C end-to-end processes in a business
    Conduct benchmarking analysis
  • Identify the critical KPI’s to drive value to the growth of the business
  • Critically appraise the alternatives when making decisions that affect a business
How this course can propel your career and salary in accounting and finance

The skills you will acquire may also help you if you are or plan to enter that career path. We have mapped the skills that you will acquire in this course against those required for a career as a Business Analyst  by (May 2021):

  • the ability to work under pressure on multiple projects within your project timeframes
  • a passion for creating solutions with a positive attitude to change
  • excellent analytical skills and an informed, evidence-based approach
  • a strong interest in business and business development
  • a good understanding of information technology.

An understanding of general concepts related to business and management, obtained either by a degree or practical experience is recommended.

 Who this course is for
  • Aspiring Business Analysts, Management Consultants or Management Accountants who want to get a grasp of the concepts and implications when making financial decisions in a business context.
  • Project managers who want to understand better the implications of managing a complex project.
  • Managers wishing to gain an in-depth understanding of business metrics to assess performance and growth.
  • Entrepreneurs planning to start or grow a business and who want to gain an in-depth understanding of managing a business from the financial perspective.
Course content

4 weeks • 15 sections • 30 lectures • Total asynchronous time 25 hours, of which about 12 hours of gameplay (using the computer simulation) • Total synchronous time 4 hours

Week 1

Live/synchronous – Thursday at 12 noon UK time

Section 1: Introduction to the course, the role of analytics in running a business (45 mins)


Section 2: Principles of Business Analytics

Section 3: Mapping business processes

Week 2

Live/synchronous – Thursday at 12 noon UK time

Section 5: Understanding the interrelationships between the different business areas (45 mins)


Section 6: Understanding KPIs and metrics to assess business performance

Section 7: Understanding cash flows, profit and loss statements, and the balance sheet

Week 3

Live/synchronous – Thursday at 12 noon UK time

Section 8: Understanding the impacts of financial decisions in a business (45 mins)


Section 9: Building a budget – OPEX and CAPEX - production budget, purchase budget, and other direct costs

Section 10: Reading and analyzing business reports

Week 4

Live/synchronous – Thursday at 12 noon UK time

Section 11: Planing the growth of a business based on performance metrics and goals (45 minutes)


Section 12: Identifying sources of funds and the life cycle of the business

Section 13: Appraising the alternatives to investing or not in a business from a financial perspective

Section 14: Final assessment

Live/synchronous – Friday

Section 15: Final feedback (45 mins)

Prove you're ready!
  • Highlight the new, job-relevant skills you’ve gained and supplement existing qualifications with a digital micro-credential.
  • Create a shareable certificate link for your CV and LinkedIn.
  • Impress stakeholders with learning outcomes you can add to your CV.
  • Make your career dreams a reality.

Additional information


The course starts at the beginning of each month. You will be automatically enrolled on the course starting the first week of the next month. Rescheduling is possible subject to availability.